Your Blend of the Day

This is your chance to show us how you blend! Comment below with your coolcropped-screen-shot-2013-02-19-at-11-36-19-pm.png Vitamix recipes. Need inspiration? Check our home page for some of our Blend of the Day posts.

Happy Blending! 🙂

– Team theBLENDtrend


13 thoughts on “Your Blend of the Day

  1. 2/20 #BOD

    Today, I made a “everything” smoothie for breakfast. What that means, is using whatever is in the fridge to make your smoothie. As weird as it may sound, I used spinach and cilantro (dont be afraid to try unconventional ingredients – they tend to make the tastiest blends). I added some bananas to mask the “earthy” taste (bananas are a great way to sweeten up your smoothie and mask the bitterness of other, but too much is not a good thing) and threw in some frozen berries to make it frothier. Here are the exact measurements I used:

    – 1 Banana
    – 2 Handfuls of spinach/cilantro mix
    – 1 Cup of frozen berry medley (you can get these at Trader Joes)
    – 2 Tbsp of cottage cheese
    – 1 Grapefruit
    – 1 Cup of almond milk
    – 1 Cup of Keifer yogurt

    To finish it up, I poured in organic apple juice till it was almost level with the top of the fruit. Remember, the more juice you put in, the more smoother its going to be. For those that want a thicker smoothie, put in more yogurt and less juice. This smoothie will be great for those looking to cut down on calories and get more energy. Using these measurements will make 2 full servings, so find someone special to share with 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed my #BOD

    • Hi Luana! Thank you so much for your comment and for stopping by our blog! We’re eagerly awaiting your feedback on this recipe! If you have any recipe ideas, feel free to comment here and we’ll add it to our blog! Happy Blending! 🙂

  2. my favorite smoothie/milkshake after a workout or as a snack is my banana peanut butter milkshake. I put milk, plain yogurt, raw oatmeal, two bananas,and two big spoons of peanut butter. put as little of yogurt and oatmeal if you like it thick or or watery milkshake.

  3. I love making my smoothies in the morning! and now they are the best way to end the day as well! Loosing weight and eating right have been keys to my success lately. I have been trying to use a lot of vegetables in my new smoothies and so my new favorite recipe requires you to juice carrots first and then add them to three tomatoes with spinach…so tasty and full of all the vitamins I need before a good nights rest.

  4. “My Blend of the powder day!” – Totally stoked to get some fresh powder on the Swiss Alps after a snowy winter night, but not leaving the house before taking a refreshing full of vitamins Blend! Here it goes:

    4 Strawberries
    1 Banana
    1 Kiwi
    1/2 Avocado
    a piece of Pineapple

    That’s what I call “The powder Blend”!


    • Hi Fabio! Thank you for your blend of the day! That definitely sounds like an awesome recipe to make before a rigorous activity like snowboarding or skiing! And thank you for stopping by our blog 🙂

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