New at Vitamix: Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup!

Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup


Here is a new way to enjoy your Vitamix blended beverages on the go! The Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup holds up to 15 ounces, and is equipped with 18-8 stainless steel dual walls that are BPA-free (prevents the drink from “sweating”)  vertical rubber grips, a patent-pending twist action, a spill resistant lid, and non-skid bottom! This on to go cup maintains the beverage’s correct temperature (hot or cold) up to three times longer than a normal mug, which is great for those who have busy and active lifestyles and don’t have time to re-heat or re-cool their beverages!

The Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup retails for $28.50.

Here are several reviews of the Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup:

Great, but need a bigger size option – By lyn from atlanta, December 03, 2012
“Need to a bigger size!!! 15 ounces is not big enough! At least 24 ounce size!”

Higher capacity – By Nancy from Atlanta, November 22, 2012
“Would love to see this in a larger size. 24-30 oz would be great!”

Perfect for travel by car – By Anna from West Virginia, August 08, 2012
“This is the perfect mug for travel. Because of the openings in the lid, I can put a can of pop into the mug, and then put a straw in the larger opening. So, I can get a drink while I am driving without having to worry about being distracted, having a spill, or ever looking away from the road.”

smoothie cup – By patti from chicago, June 24, 2012
“Requesting at least a 24 oz cup for juices to take for on the go & traveling…otherwise a great smoothie cup!!! Would highly recommend!!”

Please make a 30-40 oz version – By Sandra from California, June 07, 2012
“Please make a 30-40 oz version of this smoothie cup. I need at least 24 oz for my juice in the morning.”

Almost Perfect – By Michael from Wilton Manors, FL, May 22, 2012
“Keeps hot and cold drinks perfect. The grips make holding easy.”

We think this product is a great way to spice up your smoothie time and it looks really sleek and sexy, so who wouldn’t want a stainless steel smoothie cup?! Do you think this product is worth $28.50, or would you rather use a regular mug to drink your smoothie in? Leave a comment below telling us what you think!

Happy Blending! 🙂



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