Vitamix Tips and Tricks: How to Clean Your Vitamix Pt.2!

white_vinegar baking soda







After using your Vitamix for awhile, residue accumulates in your Vitamix container.The residue leaves a cloudy cast to your Vitamix container, which isn’t very appealing. But don’t worry, there is an easy and solution (without the use of harsh chemicals) to make your Vitamix container crystal clear again!


  1. Sprinkle some baking soda inside of your Vitamix container.
  2. Then pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar into your Vitamix container.
  3. Mix the two ingredients together in the container with a long spoon or whatever cooking utensil will help you stir the two ingredients together. 
  4. You will notice a reaction occurring with the mixture – the baking soda and white vinegar are working its magic! The white vinegar also sanitizes your container by killing germs! 
  5. Add about 2 – 3 cups of warm or hot water into the container.
  6. Close the lid of your Vitamix and run the blender on high for about 60 seconds.
  7. Afterwards, drain the contents out of the container, and rinse well!
  8. Finally, dry your Vitamix container, and the container should be crystal clear!

What Not To Clean Your Vitamix With:

  • As we mentioned in another tips and tricks post, do NOT put your Vitamix in the dishwasher to clean. (By doing so and if your Vitamix gets ruined, your warranty with the Vitamix becomes void)
  • Do NOT use Comet or other harsh chemicals.
  • Do NOT use Bleach. Even though on the Vitamix website, it says you can use a little bit of Bleach to sanitize your blender, it’s risky to do so because bleach can poison you! Stick with white vinegar – it’s safe and it gives the same results!

If you have any other tips on how to clean your Vitamix, leave a comment down below!

Happy Blending! 🙂



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