Chef Alex Guarnaschelli Loves Vitamix!


Celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli is a world renowned executive chef at both New York City’s Butter Restaurant and Darby Restaurant. Chef Alex is also a Food Network celebrity chef and you may have seen her in programs such as Chopped, Iron Chef America, All Star Family Cook-Off, and The Best Thing I Ever Made!

And guess what, Chef Alex LOVES her Vitamix! She had doubts about the Vitamix as her first instinct was “to wonder why this plastic blender was permitted to share the same shelf with seemingly higher-end, stainless-steel blenders.” But one day while cooking, she had to use the blender and was amazed at how something so lightweight like the Vitamix could handle the heavy responsibility of blending soup! The results were incredible! Her purée had a light and airy texture and the smoothness enhanced the flavor of the dish – and the best part of it all was that the Vitamix was FAST and EASY TO USE.

Chef Alex states, “I have not looked back since. I am now convinced that you could blend just about anything in there. From frozen margaritas to soups, it works like a charm. I like to say that Vitamix delivers the three T’s for professional chefs—texture, taste, and time.” The Vitamix is her little black dress, perfect for every cooking occasion!

Happy Blending! 🙂



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