Blending vs Juicing!

comparison of blender and juicer

Recently, a friendly visitor brought to our attention the fact that there are differences between blending and juicing. Finding this to be an interesting topic, we decided to break it down for you and tell you the differences between blending and juicing! Here’s our findings:

Blending: The result of blending is known as a smoothie. When we blend our fruits and veggies we are breaking down the entire thing including its fiber. The fiber is what gives the smoothie a thicker consistency compared to a juice. Fiber breaks down slowly, this is what causes us to feel full for a longer period of time. Blending is a great and more efficient way of eating our daily whole fruits and vegetables.

Juicing: The result of juicing is, who would have guessed: juice! Juicing eliminates the fiber, found in our fruits and veggies, to deliver a much lighter consistency. Without the fiber our bodies are able to absorb the nutrients much faster. The lack of fiber in juice shortens the feeling of fullness in our appetite. Juicing allows one to pack more nutrients into a single glass because of the space left from the lack of fiber.

So, where does our Vitamix blender fall into this? Well, when researching this information we came across the idea that, using a Vitamix blender, one could get a result that included both the benefits of blending (fiber) and juicing (more nutrients). Having the power that it does, it wouldn’t be surprising to discover that the Vitamix blender can break down your ingredients so well as to create a beverage that is closer in consistency to a juice than a smoothie, yet hold the benefits of both. We think its worth a try!

We encourage you to test this idea out and let us know how it goes!

As always, Happy Blending! 🙂



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