Accessorize Your Vitamix Blender!

Now who doesn’t love a good accessory? Like every outfit, an accessory truly amplifies the endless possibilities of an ensemble (or in this case a blender!).

large tampermini tamper

1. The Tamper & Mini-Tamper: This accessory serves as a great tool in the blending process. It fits right into the top of the blender and facilitates the blending process by breaking up air pockets that may form from blending. It processes thick mixtures and ensures that every ingredient is blended thoroughly. As for obtaining this accessory, you get the tamper with the purchase of your Vitamix. If for some reason you lose it, you can purchase it at for $12. If you prefer a smaller size, the mini-tamper is available for $10.

filtration bag

2. The Filtration Bag: This bag is great for filtering out unwanted items in the blender (ie. seeds, pulp, etc.) and is available at for $14.95. Its great for people who just like a smooth taste or picky kids!

3. Strainer:
Personally, I prefer a strainer. Not only is it easier to use, it is not as messy and easy to find in stores near you. You can pick this one up at your local target for around $7 (prices vary).

3piece spatula set

4. 3-Piece Spatula Set: You may or may not already have one of these in your kitchen. Its a rubber-ended spatula that makes it easier to get the last bits of your blends. You can buy this 3-piece set at for $7 or you can pick one up at your local Target for $4 (prices vary).

Happy Blending! 🙂



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