And the BLENDster Award Goes To…

Trophy Winner

One last post about the Oscars (we promise)! In true Oscar fashion, we thought we would award the best Vitamix blender with a BLENDster award – a honor that any blender would want of course! Ultimately, this award represents what team BLENDtrend finds is the best blender all around.

Now, here are the candidates for the BLENDster award:

1. First, we have the Vitamix 5200 a part of the classic series- classic series
Great for all chefs alike. This blender is a great blender for the home or small business. With a 2-peak horsepower motor, it gives you great variable speeds that you can control at HI/Low settings. While the 32 ounce blender makes it perfect for family meals and entertaining guests, this blender also has different size options in the 48 ounce and 64 ounce (does not come with the blender). Like all Vitamix blenders, it also came with a tamper (the black stirrer) and a whopping 7-year warranty! This blender is also the blender that is offered at retailers such as Costco, Amazon, etc. What I found best about this blender was the fact that it came with great cookbooks and tips for the novice chef.

professional series

2. Here’s where we get into the pros – a blender series that serves restaurant-quality dishes for a paying audience or in the privacy of your own home. While some of the models still have the 2-peak horsepower, there are models that have the option to upgrade to the 2.2-peak horsepower. What does that mean? A faster/more powerful motor and the capability to blend tougher ingredients faster. Along with the same settings as the classic, this blender also has a pre-programmed setting option (only with certain models). Whether you need these extras, you decide.

turbo blend series

3. It’s Turbo-time! The biggest advantage to this blender that I saw right off the bat, was the price tag. Unlike the whopping 500 dollars you’ll pay for the other blenders, you’ll save $100! This blender still has the 2-peak horsepower motor and 7-year warranty plan, but some of the models in this series only have a 5-year warranty. Continuing with the same settings, this blender seems to have the same logistics as the others, but is described as a blender that better supports those starting out or those going along with the raw, vegan, or vegetarian lifestyle

creation series4. Finally, its time to get creative! This model, which was featured on QVC, seems to also have the save logistics and the 5-year warranty. The significant difference is that some of the models in this series include 2+ peak horsepower motors (almost as much as my lawn mower – not really lol). The 48 or 64 ounce blender definitely won’t deter you from serving a larger audience.

Now its your turn to vote! Much like the academy, we want our blog family to cast their vote (in the comment section below) for the best blender and we will present the winner of the BLENDster award in tomorrow’s post!


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