New at Vitamix: Flip-Top Beverage Bottle!

Flip-Top Beverage Bottle

fliptop-smoothie-cup-front fliptop-smoothie-cup-side

With the Flip-Top Beverage Bottle, you can take your Vitamix blended beverages with you on the go! This bottle is a 22-ounce Intak™ beverage bottle by Thermos® and the special feature of this bottle is that it has a rotating meter to track the amount of water that you have consumed throughout the day! This product is great for health conscious people that want to increase the amount of water they drink, as it helps monitor their water intake. The Flip-Top Beverage Bottle retails for $22.00 USD.

Here are several reviews of the Flip-Top Beverage Bottle:

Love it – By TIFFANY from Missouri, February 04, 2013
“I received 2 bottles with my vitamix 7500 and they are great. I use them daily. I juice on my way to for breakfast and lunch.These bottles are perfect.i plan to purchase more for the family. Love the spill proof feature.Thanks again for providing great products.”

NO INSTRUCTIONS – By Donna from Cleveland, Ohio, December 28, 2012
“item is nice, but there were no instructions with it. After a day or two I finally figured out that there is a locking ring that needed to be flipped down before the top can be flipped open by additionally pushing the button.”

“Excellent for juice and smoothies – By Kathleen from Massachusetts, January 03, 2013”
I plan to order more than the 2 that came with my Vitamix. I haven’t found a more secure container to travel with. Other excellent features are its opening size, it’s “tracking” ability, and it’s ease of cleaning!

So will the Flip-Top Beverage Bottle be the next thing to purchase on your shopping list? Let us know if you think this product could be useful or is just a gimmick. Leave a comment below! Happy Blending! 🙂

Source: Vitamix


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