Vitamix vs. Blendtec: The Breakdown!


Here at theBLENDtrend, the Vitamix blender is our personal favorite. However, it’s always nice to see what else is available in the market! So we’ve decided to take a look at the Vitamix’s biggest competitor: the Blendtec! Here’s the breakdown between the two blenders (for reference we are comparing the Vitamix 5200 Standard and the Blendtec Total Classic Wildeside):


  • Vitamix blenders vary in capacity from 32 to 64 oz., where Blendtec’s capacity is at 64 and 96 oz. varieties. However, only Vitamix blenders can operate effectively when filled to the brim.
  • Blendtec blenders can only operate effectively when filled to the halfway point.

Dry Grinding:

  • Both blenders work well at grinding grain into flour.
  • Vitamix offers an optional dry grains container ($144). This grinds grain into very fine flour without taxing the motor.
  • Blendtec offers a separate piece of equipment, the Kitchen Mill ($180).

RPM Range:

  • Blendtec offers fewer RPM, which translates into less control and lower top-end.
  • Vitamix incorporates a manual dial and a high low switch. This permits gradual blending to its top end of 37,000 RPM!


  • Blendtec has pre-programmed buttons10 step plus and the Blendtec automatically shuts off after 50 seconds. 
  • Vitamix blenders allow the user to blend at any speed they want, at any RPM, and for any length.

Tamper vs. Twister Jar:

  • All Vitamix blenders come equipped with a Tamper. This allows the user to push ingredients into the blade.
  • Blendtec offers a Twister Jar ($129) that scrapes ingredients down the jar and into the blade.

Clean – Up:

  • Both blenders are cleaned the same: warm soapy water in the bowl and blend.

Happy Blending! 🙂

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