Consumer Reports: Yay or Nay on Vitamix?


Ok, so you already know what we think about the Vitamix blender, but what do other consumers think?As an effort to discover what others have to say about the product and summarize the findings for you here, we searched online for Vitamix blender reviews. provided many interesting reviews. We are happy to announce that the majority of the reviews are positive!! As of 02/21/13, there are forty-nine reviews which give this product an average rating of five stars. Is that impressive or what?! Of course there are a couple consumers who are not completely satisfied with the product but it is important to note that their complaints have to due with the blender’s cost and its noisiness, none of which have to do with its core function. Yes this product is a bit pricy, but, you get what you pay for: a commercial-grade blender. And as for the noisiness, does there exist a blender that isn’t noisy? To conclude, the majority of consumers agree that this product is powerful and durable. Below are a few reviews that I duplicated from along with the link so you can check it for yourself. And as always, happy Blending! 🙂

Here’s an excerpt of the reviews:

“Best Smoothie Maker” – By Dr. Larry from Lakewood, Ohio on 12/24/2012

“Wife and I have lost 170 pounds over the three years of a changed lifestyle. Part of the change, a big part, was better nutrition. Found smoothies blended from vegetables and fruits an important method of getting needed protein, far beyond what is possible from normal eating or just juicing. Until we tried the Vitamix, we could not blend smoothies with a consistent fine texture. With Vitamix all smoothies have a consistent fine texture that elevates the flavor.” Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

“Life Saver”  – By Beajay from North Olmsted, Ohio on 5/9/2011 

” I have been put on a soft to liquid diet a few months ago. Vita Mix is the best thing,ever. I can make soups and juices in just minutes. My family also loves the fresh frozen yogurt that I can make in seconds for them. I just love it! It came with a 7 yr warranty, you can always order a new pitcher if you need one and if you go to one of their special events you can also get huge savings.” Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

 “Powerful but noisy” – By KJMKL from Madison, WI on 9/30/2010

“Great for juicing whole raw vegetables and fruits. We just toss a bunch of veggies in with some water and ice and whizz it up for about 20 seconds. Unit is too tall to fit under cabinets. This blender is LOUD, but it does everything so quickly that it’s acceptable to us.” Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

“Not worth 9 times more than the OSTER” – By Blender Boy from USA on 3/23/2011

“Comments about Vita-Mix 5200: After doing my own side by side comparison, Vita MIX vs. OSTER. I returned the Vita-Mix and saved $400.00 The V.M. may finish 20 seconds faster, thats about it. Also, glass jars don’t scratch, better sanitation for the family. Overtime the V.M. plastic jar will store germs and bacteria in those microscopic nicks and stratches. Try making peanut butter or anything like it and then try and clean the bottom, it’s a nightmare. It’s extremely difficult to get all the P.B. under the blade because you can not remove the bottom which equals frustration and wasting food. Smoothies are great, but not $450.00 worth.” Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend

“Not interested in cheap blenders anymore” – By comikid from Western Washington on 8/14/2012

“We have two of these. I wish I would have gotten it a lot sooner. You can do so much more than make smoothies — it is pretty incredible.One reviewer said power was not applied consistently. This can mean the metal connection on the bottom of the blender jar is loose. It is all under warranty and they will fix it. It is a pleasure to deal with actual people who actually support the product that they themselves make.” Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend 

Happy Blending! 🙂

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    • Hi Eric 🙂 Wow thats awesome and thanks for the feedback! Being a Physical education teacher, Im sure you have lots of great insight to a healthier life – let us know your thoughts/advise and be featured on our blog!

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