Blend Moments: Vitamix at the Oscars 2013!

wolfgang puck

The excitement surrounding the 85th Academy Awards (the Oscars) is growing as it approaches the big night – this Sunday, February 24, 2013! Can you guess who will be cooking for the 1,600 guests at the Oscars this year Well, it is Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck! Chef Puck and his helpful kitchen staff of 350 have to churn out thousands of appetizers, dinner courses, and desserts in a matter of minutes, as well as please the appetites of all elite Hollywood folk. To help assist Chef Puck in this daunting task, is none other than the Vitamix blender!

Chef Puck says, “You really have to get organized,” while emulsifying the ingredients for a cilantro mint vinaigrette into a Vitamix blender powerful enough to mince an oak tree. “Now we have it down to a science.” With the Vitamix blender, Chef Puck will be able to chop, emulsify, and blend ingredients to create wonderful dishes for this important night in the entertainment industry. TheBLENDtrend can’t wait to see what amazing dishes Chef Puck creates!

On a side note, what movie do you guys want to win Best Picture? Comment down below!

Happy Blending! 🙂
Source: LA Times 


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